Cryptocurrency and blockchain present exciting business opportunities. Many young entrepreneurs are taking notice of crypto and blockchain technology, which is ripe for innovation.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

― Malcolm X

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology go well beyond the day-to-day investment practices that get all the headlines. They also present all kinds of interesting business opportunities, from developing new blockchain applications, to building trading platforms, to introducing entire new currencies with specific functions. Inevitably, this means that there are many young people getting into crypto business, and becoming some of our most successful emerging entrepreneurs.

With the crypto workforce predicted to swell by at least 134,000 positions by 2030*, it’s time to get ahead of what’s next with a qualification in blockchain technology.

Whether you have a background as a business specialist or have just begun exploring the field, you’ve probably heard of the innovation that is revolutionising most industries: blockchain technology.

Sometimes referred to as distributed ledger technology, blockchain is transforming the way businesses complete transactions. From its decentralised network to its streamlined processes, blockchain is highly secure, traceable and reliable.

If you’re considering your next career move or looking to get ahead of the next big industry trend, consider taking advantage of the growing integration of blockchain. Here’s how studying the six-month Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business could accelerate your career.