Legal Advisor - Vasudevan A & Co.

Most of the economies of the world are experiencing sharp contractions in industrial, productions, trade, investments and consumer demand. Due to the current global financial crisis and the fears of recession, the trading environment in most countries is difficult and as such many unscrupulous individuals have surfaced. Weak market sentiments and the lack of working ethics to corporate and consumer fundamentals continue to contract against the backdrop of businesses.

International trade flows between countries have to be monitored, and as such GO PRO ACADEMY SDN BHD @ has engaged my firm VASUDEVAN A & CO, to advise them from the legal aspect of running their business.

Together we will ensure the Group’s operations maintains a steady flow upward, unlike the many, both online and off, that have caused severe shortfalls to their participants in the form of loss of time and funds resulting in serious and adverse disruptions to genuine businesses and operations worldwide.

While the Group will remain focused on its core competencies of business, we maintain that our Clients Are The Centre Of Everything That We Do and shall preserve and enhance the efforts of GO PRO ACADEMY SDN BHD @ The Directors of GO PRO ACADEMY SDN BHD @ expect a period of continuing intense competition but remain confident that both their product and market acceptance which they are experiencing, will maintain to unprecedented heights in business.

On my part I shall ensure that the overall strategy and viability of direction from the legal aspect shall prevail and remain fundamentally sound at home, and across the different regions of penetration GO PRO ACADEMY SDN BHD @ chooses.


Legal Advisor,

LLB (Hons) London, CLP (Malaya)