Founder & Managing Director - Mr.Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah

Mr. Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah proudly represents proven leadership, tremendous industry experience, and a deep understanding of the needs of global markets at large. His vision to harnessing technology in answering business challenges is key to engaging opportunities in facing and overcoming the demands of business Today !

Through methods both online and off, leveraging on established business networks, enabling solutions at various levels of intensification of value creation, and acceleration of success in the global marketplace, his chosen direction is second to none.

Indeed years ahead of his time Mr. Syafiq has harnessed the power of intelligent technology for practical business purposes to create many impelling innovations, unlocking the acceleration to huge opportunities at various levels of market entry. His focus on the goal and ability to shift tactically when necessary is uncanny, all coupled to exceptional interaction with potential consumers.

Through his capable management and savvy of the power of intelligent technology and the delivery of world class products, Mr. Syafiq intends for what can be described as a “SYNERGIZED BUSINESS MODEL” corresponding and capitalising on his ever popular PPE, People Power Economy, POT, Power Of Technology and POL, Power Of Leverage, that combines into a Global Solutions Provider.


Competing in a world of business without borders with a solid foundation of over thirty years as a trainer, speaker and motivator, having travelled extensively in his endeavours, he has provided for valuable analysis across a wide spectrum of structures of involvement especially in the disciplines focused on essential digital skills in areas of Marketing and Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain Technology, Industry Revolution 4.0, Digital Marketing, Leadership in Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce and many more.

Mr. Syafiq has actualized a situation that drives positive change where it matters, with a broad vision refining a signature effort that demonstrates his feel of social responsibility, he has succeeded in implementing services that realises his efforts through thoughtful, high-impact initiatives that facilitate bold action with unparalleled results.

Granting the world a platform for a new era of Netrepreneurs he has established to rise, Mr. Syafiq has not forgotten his humble beginnings, and the hardships his family went through in his childhood.

Always encouraging sharing as a means to self-betterment, Mr. Syafiq’s realism of Philanthropy has given rise to his promotion of change through charity, while urging on his New Economic Model, taking it one step further, enhancing the mind set of most, to rise from GO GETTERS, to GO GIVERS, through an innovative concept he has instituted, namely, A COMMUNITY OF GIVERS!

Mr. Syafiq’s worldwide drive is to inculcate awareness and the culture of caring and sharing to all walks of life irrespective of ethnicity, religion, culture nor background. Long being a steward of corporate responsibility based on his belief in support of philanthropy, his ongoing aim is to assist those less fortunate, so prominent in today’s society, post Covid.

Almost without exception, as he moves forward effectively and efficiently, conducting business without sacrificing the quality of his core intention of creating a Community of Givers, Mr. Syafiq also sets forth his intention of “A Million Apologies To Mother Earth”, a green initiative, in an effort to apologise to our mother earth for the atrocities we have committed to her and to aid in her replenishment.

We are, after all, nothing without Her…!