Founder / Chief Executive Officer- Zamri Walikram

Mr Zamri started his career in the financial industry as a credit officer at Citibank for almost a decade.

Mr Zamri then moved to a more challenging field in Marketing, creating a culture of comprehensive training which has proven itself by producing many successful entrepreneurs who then went on to become industry leaders themselves.

Well known as an expert in motivational presentations, with decades of experience, Mr Zamri realized that motivation alone as an economic catalyst was not enough. He felt that society should be provided with opportunities to economic efforts based on knowledge.

For Mr Zamri, changes in an Era of Revolution must be accompanied by changes in the Evolution of society and its knowledge. Mr Zamri realized that the speed of technological change has created a society that has lost the ability to adapt resulting in most being left behind ultimately creating victims of technology itself.

As Founder / Executive Director at Go Pro Academy Sdn Bhd, he realized the urgent need for the actualization of a society 5.0, even though the word society 5.0 is still too foreign to a large number able to adopt to the latest Era of Revolutionary technological change.

Mr Zamri has taken the initiative to create an academy by combining teaching staff from experts based on the latest technology who are successful in their respective fields to impart all new knowledge through their always relevant experiences in their chosen fields.

As a learning syllabus that is often out of date as a result of the acceleration of technological change, Mr Zamri has created an entry point for society that is in dire need of new knowledge, especially related to Industrial Revolution 4.0

With his expertise and skill in coaching and his acumen in analyzing industry and society, the theoretical training system initiated by Mr. Zamri as practiced in Go Pro Academy, will witness a transformation in society towards 5.0

At Go Pro Academy, participants will engage in methods of success ranging from new knowledge related to Industrial Revolution 4.0 to 5.0. Participants stand to gain knowledge that will undoubtedly increase the potential of financial income from their perspective of the knowledge gained from the related Industrial Revolution 4.0