Forex Trading Masterclass Certification


Duration: 160 Hours of Foreign Exchange Certification

Trading leveraged markets, such as Forex is incredibly exciting, but consistently making money is very challenging without the right knowledge or skill.

Because when you’re leveraged 10:1 or more, it’s your money on the line and while you can make substantial returns, you can also lose it just as quickly if you don’t know how to trade.

It is for this reason why we have introduced the Forex Trading Course, which has been specifically designed for serious traders who want to learn how to protect their capital while profiting from trading highly leveraged markets.

Learning Objective

  • Trade the market both long and short
  • Learn powerful techniques to protect your capital
  • Gain confidence with proven and tested strategies
  • Discover how to supplement or replace your income

Platform of Delivery

The training will be delivered Go Pro Academy’s LMS platform which is hosted by the respective Professional Trainers. Along with video lectures live online class will be there. Go Pro Academy is responsible to ensure that the participants enrolled into the course get excellent learning experience. Handholding support will be provided by the institutes.