Corporate Advisor - Aubrey Insley O’Hara

It pleases me to note that D’ACADEMY is always in support of constant next generation technologies, always in tune to today’s appreciation of automation and data exchange in technologies and processes which include cyber-physical systems, CPS and the internet of things, all in harmony to principles and standards.

The thrusts that are Industry 4.0 revolve around transformation of existing talent pools. The master plan of D’ACADEMY executed, will see simultaneous expansion across the globe through established solutions, strengthening human capital development through the Groups smart partnerships.

D’ACADEMY and its Founder realize that the challenge for most is to adapt to the ever constant developments of the day encouraging on the embarking of new methods to elevate oneself. The realization that Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Blockchain Technology, to name a few, are the subset of what is the industrial revolution, 4.0 is clear. All concern industry, playing an increasingly critical, yet complementary role to Global progress.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates became one of the most successful moguls of all time by foreseeing and capitalizing on world-changing trends. The challenge now is not to be overcome by the dwindling prospects around us but to seize the moment and capitalize on access to education.

Improving on capabilities of product offerings, D’ACADEMY through diversification maintains real value creation. D’ACADEMY places strong emphasis on the transference of knowledge to enhance ability and self-development, enabling access to central trains of thought to heighten a framework of utilization of, in essence, Industry 4.0.

The noted ability of D’ACADEMY to enable venture opportunities through its systems of value creation modules and support only add towards its innovation being further acknowledged by Business Communities at large resulting in easier collaboration of B to B and Governments B to G, which in turn will encourage links to academies of higher education’s acceptance in sectors of choice.

D’ACADEMY is strategy built around proprietary systems linked to knowledge growth potential while assimilating with impact on business throughout the world. The Group is decided on a direction all will appreciate; A lifestyle concept of self-betterment , capitalizing on ever growing online presence, constantly expanding on its services to achieve individuals maximum potential enabling new market yields, while strengthening existing ones.

Proud of being no stranger to innovation and having ligated itself to the path of success, D’ACADEMY always commits itself to being a catalyst for self-improvement providing a wealth of opportunities for both established businesses and individuals looking to maximise future returns.

The Group like any other commercial entity operates in a competitive environment in a liberalized economy with emerging technological advancements, facing economic and social challenges. As a team, all within are well prepared to face the challenges, stimulate intellect and provide solutions remembering that Your Success is Ours…

On behalf of my colleagues on the Board of D’ACADEMY,I wish to express our sincere thanks to all that have shown confidence in our direction and stood by us through thick and thin. You have all been a great source of strength.

At all levels dedication and integrity have been our Power House behind the scenes.

In conclusion I wish include a quote I find most appropriate to our cause; “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”…Bill Gates.

Aubrey Insley O’Hara